Contrast to education in Canada and China

When it refers to the differences about education between Canada and China, I have some ideas. Firstly, I think the students before university in Canada can enjoy lots of freedom, and they seldom need to worry about their study. However, when they enter university, they will feel that the stress of the study is increasingly heavy. On the contrary, the students in China will suffer the pressure when they enter the primary school, they have numerous courses and plenty of  cram classes. So it may lead to many students are tired of studying. However, at the same time, the students in China can be more stronger when they are young. Secondly, I regard that the education in Canada can create students’ enthusiasm to study, and the teachers encourage the students to spring up more ideas. Conversely, the Duck-stuffing type of teaching in China can make the student lack creativity. But I like China~~~~~hahahaha, because it is a lion full of cultural deposits.  


A quotation from Shakespeare

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”-Shakespeare-A Midsummer Night’s Dream

This quotation impress me a lot ,because it remain me of numerous things .Everyone eager for love,but at the same time, love can bring harm to each other.We need to spend much time to know the other,and contradiction will be the stumbling block in their way. Finally,two people who can shake their hands and walk to the end of their life are supposed to overcome lots of difficulty.



In memory of the Remembrance Day

November 11th, 2013,is the Remembrance Day in Canada. This special day is set up to in memory of the soldiers who sacrificed in the World War.Numerous of people will get together to think about the wars. Not only the deaths, but also the future we need to consider. Wars brought harm to us, at the same time, it also give us peace,freedom and justice. As time goes by, blood can be scoured, but the scar will exist in people’s heart as bright red as the Buddy Poppies.(However, I have been to Metrotown to buy hats with my friends, hahahahah)Image

Hi brothers and sisters. Come and leave a comment

Last week, my homestay mother took me to the Stanley Park. We drove there and spent 3 hours there. I found that the scenery is so gorgeous. I could see the Lion Gate Bridge which is very huge. Furthermore, I also saw the North Vancouver which is prosperous. If I have money, I am sure that I will move and live there. Surprising, I met two Koreans and they are new there too .They learnt how to taking photos from me. In the afternoon, we had fish and chips for lunch while we could listen the sea gulls sang in front us and enjoy the sunshine there. What a nice day.